Weaving Workshop


One of the oldest crafts in the municipality of Mértola is the weaving of woolen blankets. Their patterns date back to ancient times and we can make comparisons with the decorative motifs found in ceramic objects from the Islamic period (8th century-1st half of the 13th century) unearthed from houses found in Mértola’s Alcáçova (Alcazaba).

Here, different types of weaving-related objects were also found, such as spindles, ‘cossoiros’, distaffs, loom weights and needles, thimbles, and scissors. In the Weaving Workshop, where we keep the objects and show the work of the weavers, our goal is to preserve this age-old know-how, keeping the entire cycle of the wool alive, using high-quality raw material, traditional production techniques, and old decorative themes.

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Weaving Workshop

Opening date: 2000;
change of facilities in 2005;
renovated in 2014


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