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Islamic Art


The Islamic Art Museum, set up in an 18th-century building, located next to Porta da Ribeira.

Demonstrates the intense work carried out for years around the study and processing of materials from the Islamic period, most of which were unearthed during archaeological excavations carried out at the Alcáçova de Mértola (Mértola Alcazaba).

The exhibition on display covers the period between the 9th and the 13th centuries AD and includes a great diversity of shapes and functions, with an emphasis on architectural elements, tombstones, and everyday ceramic objects most notably object decorated using the dry rope technique, metals, and metal alloys, glass and carved bone.

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Opening date: 2001

Islamic Art - 20 Years

The Islamic Art museum, inaugurated 20 years ago, on December 21, 2001, is an example of the work that has been carried out in Mértola. Coordination, design and content are the responsibility of Cláudio Torres and Santiago Macias who, with a vast and diverse team, have developed over the years a work of excellence in research, study, inventory and conservation. On May 18, 2022, International Museum Day, a conversation was held in this nucleus with some of the main actors in the architectural and museological projects and in the execution of the work. In an informal and relaxed conversation, Cláudio Torres, Santiago Macias, José Alberto Alegria and João Paulo Ramôa, shared ideas, inspirations, situations and moments of a journey full of setbacks and ups and downs. After all, these moments are also part of the history of museums!


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