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The Arte Sacra (Religious Art) museum), set up at the old Misericórdia Church, built in the 16th century AD, comprises the Church and sacristy and displays an important collection of religious sculptures and a set of liturgical implements from the 15th to the 18th centuries, from several churches located in the municipality of Mértola.

This building is located in the main entrance to the old port of Mértola, called ‘Porta da Ribeira’, which was one of the busiest places in the city for centuries, as it was on one of the ends of the main street along which the large houses of local merchants were built.

It has long ceased to be used as a place of worship, however, it is the privileged stage of the annual procession of Senhor dos Passos.

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Religious Art

Opening date: 2001 (the first exhibition of archaeological items unearthed during the Alcáçova de Mértola (Mértola Alcazaba) excavation was on display here in 1982).


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