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Film Workshop – Looking with the Museum

Film Workshop – Looking with the Museum
Mértola, 18 to 22 December

The project of the Association Entre Imagem – Olhar pelo tempo (Looking through time), offers a series of workshops that focus on natural and cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible. The aim is to create and deepen in children and young people the bonds of belonging to this heritage, leading them to value their culture and roots through cinema.

We believe that cinema should be taught as a sensitive, living experience that is in active dialogue with life. Creativity can emerge only from this fire, from the desire to take the camera and the sound recorder in hand and discover a unique perspective. In the same way, we only take care of heritage when it takes on a concrete and unique dimension – that vase or that painting – which becomes part of our dialogue with the world, of our shared life and is inscribed in the body’s memory.

The attention and care involved in filming, both from the point of view of the image and the sound, produces a new relationship with what we are filming. The title Olhar pelo Tempo expresses this careful attention, ‘looking’ as in not only gazing towards something or someone, but also looking after such something or someone. Creating a film shot confronts us with the impossibility of not choosing, it opposes the absence of a point of view in most of the images that inundate us today. Filming requires an attention that leads us to look around and leads us to discover our perspective with heightened cognitive presence, leads to the discovery of our viewpoint and opens up space for creative relationships with the world.

Between 18 and 22 December, the Association Entre Imagem, in collaboration with Mértola City Council and the Mértola Museum Cláudio Torres, is organising the ‘Looking with the Museum’ film workshop, aimed at young people between the ages of 10 and 14 and aims to create a film in the Islamic Art museum unit. The event is free with a limit of 15 participants, and you can register at Casa das Artes Mário Elias, by mobile phone 962 305 105 or email at [email protected] Join us!


18 December – Morning – Casa das Artes – Viewing film clips; what is a shot | Afternoon – Islamic Art – Visiting the Museum and practical exercise: looking

19 December – Morning – Islamic Art and Historic Centre – Viewing film clips and practical exercise: images to words | Afternoon – Islamic Art – Viewing film clips and writing a script

20 December – Morning and afternoon – The Museum and other locations: shooting

21 December – Morning – The Museum and other locations: shooting | Afternoon – Casa das Artes – Start editing: screening and choosing takes

22 December – Morning and afternoon – Casa das Artes – Editing with paper frames; choosing the title and details for the credits; making the film and final review

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