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Exhibition – ‘Salazar 40 anos?’ (Salazar 40 years?) – Drawings by Cláudio Torres

Casa das Artes Mário Elias – Mértola, 6 to 30 April 2022

We all know the important role Doctor Cláudio Figueiredo Torres played in Mértola. Much is written and said about his role in history, archaeology, heritage, museology and local development, combining heritage preservation and enhancement with knowledge of the territory and its people. There are also many studies on the Mértola Museum Town Project initiated by him and Serrão Martins. The awards, recognition and honours he received over the years have been well deserved, with highlight to the Pessoa Prize in 1991, the Cultural Merit Medal awarded by the Ministry of Culture, the National Memory and Identity Award by the National Association of City Councils with a Historic Centre and the ‘Personality in the Field of Museology’ Award by the Portuguese Museology Association in 2020, to mention the most recent.
His experiences and work go far beyond everything he has given to History and Archaeology, to Mértola’s Archaeological Site and Museum, to Mértola… This Exhibition and the publication ‘Salazar 40 anos?’ (Salazar 40 years?) is an example of this and deserves an attentive visit. Nothing better than his own words to explain it:

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