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European Heritage Days 2021

The European Heritage Days 2021 will take place between 24 September and 3 October under the theme Inclusive and Diverse Heritage.
The European Heritage Days are a joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Commission and are an event widely celebrated and shared by the citizens of Europe. Over 70,000 events are organised every year to raise awareness to Europe’s common heritage and the need for its continued protection by creating experiences that promote inclusion and foster creativity and innovation.
The key idea of the initiative is to promote access to heritage by inviting active participation in the discovery of a common cultural heritage, involving European citizens with cultural heritage. The main objectives are to strengthen feelings of cultural identity, collective memory and the affirmation of a common heritage which is made richer by its diversity.
The European Heritage Days, therefore, represent a celebration of international solidarity, of dialogue and cultural diversity and are moments for re-appropriating the cultural traces of the past.
In 2021, the European Heritage Days celebrate Inclusive and Diverse Heritage, through the shared theme of Heritage of, by and for All, because Heritage is ours. This theme seeks to celebrate diversity and enable everyone’s inclusion in society. By “diversity” we mean people of different races, ethnic groups, genders, ages, religions, sexual orientations, abilities, as well as people with differences in education, experiences and income. By ‘inclusion’ we mean creating a welcoming and open experience for everyone, for example by removing barriers to participation such as physical access, language or cost” (in, )
In Mértola the expression of result dissemination and heritage preservation is present throughout Mértola Museum. The spaces integrate archaeological structures in situ or are installed in emblematic buildings in the historic centre of Mértola or in other localities of the municipality, and their permanent exhibitions include objects representative of the Museum’s collection in the theme-based areas of archaeology, history, art and ethnography. They have different chronologies, themes, exhibition approaches and contents, and represent today, as in the recent and more distant past of a port city, an approach to people and territory.
In recent times, different dissemination models have been developed with the aim of reaching everyone and ensuring that visiting Mértola Museum and enjoying the heritage of this town is increasingly an innovative, challenging and enriching experience.
Come and experience it! Visit Mértola and its Heritage!

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