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Webinar “Museum of Mértola: contribution to literacy and cultural mediation”

Webinar “Museum of Mértola: contribution to literacy and cultural mediation”
26 March 2021 – 15:00 hours

As part of the “Lembrar Serrão Martins” initiative, which takes place between 16 and 29 March, this year in a format appropriate to the pandemic situation we are experiencing, we will hold on March 26, at 3 pm, the Webinar “Museu de Mértola : contribution to literacy and cultural mediation ”.

As part of this theme, we intend to briefly present some actions that have been developed with the aim of improving accessibility and promoting the participation of different types of public. These actions are the result of teamwork and the promotion of strong collaborative ties between local and external entities, which goes against the vision of Serrão Martins.

Serrão Martins, with the unconditional support of Cláudio Torres, was the great mentor of what would be known as the Mértola Vila Museu project which had culture and heritage as the main engine of Mértola’s development. The Museum’s museum centers were born out of this vision and this dynamic of heritage valuation and dissemination, and there has always been a great concern with the connection to the community and with the way information and knowledge is conveyed, be it addressed to those who live in Mértola or to All who visit us.

We hope to earn Your interest and count on Your participation.

Download the program.

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