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Temporary exhibition – “’Metal Arts in al-Andalus’” – National Archaeological Museum (Madrid)

‘Metal Arts in al-Andalus’
Location: National Archaeological Museum (Madrid)
Type: Temporary Exhibition
Date: December 2019 to 13 September 2020

“For almost eight hundred years, the Iberian Peninsula was home to the Muslim civilisation known as al-Andalus. We owe it important contributions to our cultural heritage, understood in its broadest sense (monumental, artistic, linguistic, scientific). Al-Andalus became the hub of creation and liaison between East and West, as well as an important transmitter of knowledge from the ancient world to the Middle Ages.

The National Archaeological Museum has one of the most important Andalusian collections in the world, which has been one of its most outstanding hallmarks throughout its history, as can be seen in this temporary exhibition.

We are pleased to present, together with Acción Cultural Española and the Alicante Archaeological Museum, the exhibition ‘Metal Arts in al-Ándalus’, which aims to show the extraction of the ore from the mine, its metallurgical treatment, and its final manufacture, producing the most diverse, and sometimes sumptuous, items which always combine technical precision with aesthetic beauty. (…)”.
Román Fernández-Baca Casares – Director General, Fine Arts

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