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Museu de Mértola (Mértola Museum) – Islamic Art 20 years later…

The 'núcleo museológico de Arte Islâmica' (Islamic Art Museum), inaugurated almost 20 years ago, on 21 December 2001, is an example of the work that has been carried out in Mértola.
The design, coordination and contents are the responsibility of Cláudio Torres and Santiago Macias who, together with a large and diverse team, have developed, over the years, a work of excellence in research, study, inventory and conservation.
Archaeology, especially the work by the Campo Arqueológico de Mértola (Mértola Archaeological Site) in the Alcáçova (Alcazaba), has made it possible to bring together an important collection of everyday objects from the life of a distant past, the echoes of which are seen in structures, techniques, customs and knowledge still familiar and close to us. To host this exceptional batch of materials, an old 18th-century warehouse was chosen, located in the heart of the historic centre, near the old Porta da Ribeira, owned by the Town Hall and rehabilitated through a project by Architect José Alberto Alegria, financed by the Institute of Financing and Support to Tourism, the Directorate General for Spatial Planning and by the Municipality, as a part of the Projeto Integrado de Mértola (Integrated Mértola Project). The architectural design and museography highlight the characteristics of the building itself. The lines, colours and shapes underline the presence of the Islamic heritage and create a logical and coherent discourse.
After almost 20 years, the 'núcleo de Arte Islâmica' is adapting to new times, in which environmental concerns and communication with the public have changed. Nothing that changes the initial ideas of its creators in terms of contents and museographic discourse.
Recently, the building was subject to maintenance works aiming to correct malfunctions resulting from the passing of time, as well as developing actions aimed at greater energy efficiency and creating suitable environmental conditions for those who work here, those who
visit and the conservation of the collection on display.
Visit, or revisit, the 'Museu de Mértola' and pay special attention to the 'Núcleo de Arte Islâmica' on this anniversary. Look beyond the object, think of the hands it passed through to
reach the excellence of a display case.
For the safety of everyone, this Christmas we will be closed on 24, 25 and 26 December. We reopen on the 28th and we are waiting for you! Season's Greetings!

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