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Mértola, Caminhos Sonoros – artist in the community/Samuel Gapp

Mértola, Caminhos Sonoros – artist in the community/Samuel Gapp

As part of the celebrations for International Museum Day 2024, on 18 May, Mértola, Caminhos Sonoros, a musical and literary walk and concert in the Main Church of Mértola, was organised in partnership between Mértola City Council, the Cláudio Torres Mértola Museum, the Parish of Mértola, the Associação Boa Criação, the Mina de São Domingos Choir Group, and musician and composer Samuel Gapp, within the scope of an ‘artist in the community’ residency.

The Musical and Literary Walk aims to ‘walk around the town of Mértola in the evening, listening to music, stories and poems, rediscovering old places, on a journey between memory, tradition and contemporary creation. This journey invites us to listen, be silent and observe, with our eyes open and closed, culminating in a concert in the Main Church. The concert is based on the modas of the cante alentejano, recontextualised through improvisation and contemporary music, incorporating the specific acoustic characteristics of the Main Church of Mértola.

Samuel Gapp – Artist in the Community, pianist and composer, part of the Boa CRIAÇÃO cooperative activity, was in Mértola between March and May 2024, to develop various artistic activities in the Town of Mértola, in Corte da Velha and in other places in the municipality. The project aims to establish links between art and the community, based on valuing contact with the local community and its history, traditions and cultural characteristics. The residency is based on an exchange of experiences and ways of life, resulting in mutual awareness and learning.


Creation: Samuel Gapp

Project Coordination: Arist in the Community | Boa CRIAÇÃO

Storytellers: Pedro Bravo and Rita Sales

Saxophone: Jan Michálek

Double bass: André Carvalho

Cante alentejano: Mina de São Domingos Choir Group

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