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Meeting of the Portuguese Museum Network

The Mértola Museum – Cláudio Torres took part in the Meeting of the Portuguese Museum
Network on November 21st, which took place at the Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon. This
meeting was attended by more than 70 museums and its starting point was a reflection on the
future prospects and ambitions of the PMN, with regard to the affirmation and cross-cutting
promotion of the quality standards of Portuguese Museums, through networking,
communication and participation in the consolidation of the national museological network.
It comprised speeches by Isabel Cordeiro, Secretary of State for Culture, Clara Camacho, from
the Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage, José Gameiro, Scientific Director of the Museum
of Portimão and Manuel Pizarro, Executive Director of the future Jewish Museum of Lisbon.
The most commonly used words and expressions were renewal, cohesion, networking,
monitoring, participation and democratisation. The need to develop a diagnostic study of the
current state of Portuguese museums and the need for museums to be consulted about the
restructuring of the PMN using a participative model was also widely mentioned.
The Network should be rethought in terms of organisation and functioning definition, both at
the level of its coordination and the organisation of working groups that allow a better
coordination and real involvement of its members, and also at the level of the election of a
coordinating group (election among peers and not proposed by the DGCH).
The meeting ended with the presentation of the museums accredited in 2021 and 2022,
including the Municipal Museum of Vidigueira, a member of the Baixo Alentejo Museum
Network, and the intervention of the Director of DGCH, João Carlos dos Santos.
A minute summarising this meeting will be prepared and will serve as a starting point for the
future of the Portuguese Museum Network.

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