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Mértola Parish donates sacred art items

The Vestry Board of the Parish Church of Mértola has handed over to the Mértola Museum a series of items that had been kept by the Diocese of Beja for a number of years.

This collection includes a 16th-century chasuble, 6 silver arrows belonging to a polychrome sculpture of St. Sebastian, two 17th-century monstrances and a 19th-century ex-voto dedicated to the Lord of the Calvary; the last 3 are already part of the exhibition on display at the Sacred Art museum unit. With regard to the chasuble, which requires specific conditions in terms of support, a display cabinet is being designed to allow showing it in ideal conditions of preservation and safety.
The Mértola Town Council and the Mértola Museum would like to thank the Diocese of Beja and the Vestry Board of the Parish Church of Mértola, in the person of Father António Marques de Sousa, for returning these items to their place of origin. We would like to invite the population of Mértola to (re)visit the Sacred Art unit and enjoy this Heritage which belongs to all of us.

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