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Archaeological intervention in Mesquita (Espírito Santo/Mértola)

Another excavation campaign has ended in the village of Mesquita in the área of Ermida de N.Sra das Neves, as part of the Projet Archaeological Intervention in Cerca de Alcarias na Aldeia de Mesquita, which has the scientific coordination of Maria de Fátima Palma (Campo Arqueológico de Mértola/University of Granada) e Bilal Sarr (University of Granada).
The excavation brought together archaeologists, students and volunteers from Portugal, Spain and Colombia, was coordinated by Campo Arqueológico de Mértola, with the collaboration of Câmara Municipal de Mértola, Sociedade Recreativa mesquitense and Junta de Freguesia do Espírito Santo.
This archaeological research project is importante for the knowledge of the ancient Garb al-Andalus and particularly for the history of the Mértola territory in the islamic period. It will continue next year!

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