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Salvaguarda e Valorização dos Recursos Arqueológicos, Patrimoniais e Culturais (2007/2009)

Developed as part of I.C.INETRREG INTERREG IIIA, it brought together as partners Moura City Council, Aroche City Council, and Mértola City Council. Its main goals were to develop a work focused on raising awareness, disseminating, and developing the existing resources by getting the partners to exchange experiences related to human evolution in each territory, ways of preserving their historical legacy, and protecting archaeological and built heritage to develop new dissemination and awareness-raising strategies.

Mértola City Council, in collaboration with the Campo Arqueológico de Mértola (Mértola Archaeological Site), have developed the following initiatives: archaeological intervention at Cineteatro Marques Duque (surrounding area) and in the yard of the former Mértola Volunteer Fire Station; conservation of the Alcáçova (Alcazaba) mosaics; release of the publication ‘Mértola Arqueológica 2003-2008’; creation of outdoor information panels for Cineteatro Marques Duque and Rossio do Carmo, and a Scientific Meeting that included a tribute to Professor António Borges Coelho.

Joint actions included the development of a didactic game and an exchange of students from schools based in the territories of the partners that were involved.



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Mértola – Património de Todos

Do Património ao Turismo Criativo, Experiencial e Acessível (2018-2020) (Turismo de Portugal)

Mértola – Património de Todos (2019-2020)

Alentejo 2020 – Conservação, Proteção, Promoção e desenvolvimento do Património Cultural e Natural)

Pró-Museus (2019-2020)

Direção Geral do Património Cultural/Rede Portuguesa de Museus

Projeto LIMUS

Colaboração no Projeto LIMUS (2017-2020)

Programa de apoio a Museus

(Instituto dos Museus e da Conservação) (2004)


Património Histórico e Arqueológico de Mértola e Niebla (2004/2006)


Salvaguarda e Valorização dos Recursos Arqueológicos, Patrimoniais e Culturais (2007/2009)

Rede Urbana para o Património

Programa Operacional Regional 2007-2012

Projeto Mercator

Route des Marchands, Ville des Marchés en Mediterranée (2007-2009)
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