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Mértola Património de Todos (2019-2020)


Alentejo 2020 – Conservação, Proteção, Promoção e desenvolvimento do Património Cultural e Natural

Part of a comprehensive strategy, which includes Mértola’s application to be included in the World Heritage list, aimed at protecting, developing, and promoting the Historic Centre of Mértola as a physical expression of the territory’s history and identity, providing inspiration for current and future generations and encouraging sustainable development.

Its goals are:

To protect, preserve and restore historic heritage and renovate HC Mértola’s public spaces;

To train and raise the awareness of current and future users of the historic centre to the need to protect and promote its heritage, encouraging them to participate in its protection, preservation and promotion;

To promote access to all the assets that form part of its heritage;

To contribute to the excellence of the tourist experience offered by the Historic Centre and its surroundings;

To stimulate creativity, cultural and social dynamics and entrepreneurship around the excellence of Cultural Heritage, in order to create new points of attraction, retain population and social life in the HC Mértola;

To strengthen the role of the River Guadiana as a key element for the interpretation, experience, identity and dynamics (past and future) of the Town and the territory;

To protect the biodiversity associated with the HC and its surroundings;

To guarantee the quality of life, well-being and safety of those who visit and live in the HC Mértola.


Património de Todos

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